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A Next-Level Sports Gamefi

The Fully Decentralized Predict-To-Earn Platform

Sportofi is a user-friendly, fully decentralized, 100% transparency, community-driven Gamefi platform.

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How Sportofi Works?

Our platform has been designed from the ground up to be tailored to the unique form of Predict-to-Earn and settlement offered by the blockchain. Follow these simple steps and make profits!

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A Predict-to-Earn Sports Escrow

Predicts in This Game

Use the power of Sportofi predicts Fast, Anonymous, Secured, Automatic, Trustworthy

Leading the Crypto plays escrow services

An Exhaustive list of Amazing Features

Sportofi is the most advanced sports crypto Predict-to-Earn platform and highest stakes across multiple bookmakers and exchanges.

A new Predict-to-Earn world

The Disruptive Platform in Predict-to-Earn Space

The applications of cutting-edge blockchain technology are known to hold ample promise for bringing about the element of trust in the not-so-trustable Gamefi industry.


Smart Contracts ensure there is no chance to manipulate bets. Transactions are permanently recorded on the Blockchain and viewable by all involved parties.


Smart Contracts protect the player’s funds and automatically distribute the winnings. No manual intervention means no possible human error or tampering.

Instant Payouts

No more lengthy delays or waiting for wire transfers to arrive. Smart Contracts instantly distribute winnings, and payouts are usually processed in less than a minute.

Core team

The Spotofi Team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Kamitaka Watanabe
CEO & CoFounder

-Has worked at Daiichi-Kangyo Bank as a System Development and Integration Manager (Present: Mizuho Bank).
-7 years of experience as President of a private company founded and managed by oneself.
-At the moment, he is the Founder and CEO of ilucksolution Co.,Ltd, where he is in charge of system development, application development, and block chain.

Takizo Iino
CBO & CoFounder

-Over 30 years of experience as a owner/manager in F&B in Japan and Vietnam.
-Since 2017, I have served as an executive advisor for many companies' marketing connections between Japan and other countries.
-Chairman of the BESS Corporation for Agriculture in Thainad
-As of 2020, he served as Director at KOH Co.,Ltd.

Harusama Kudo

- Previously worked as the Chief Manager at Yamashita Toshiro Design Office.
- Over 40 years of experience in building Unit system house development and facility management as a Representative and Owner in many large companies and corporations.
- Currently a Representative and Owner at KOH Co.,Ltd, responsible for Construction Project Consulting and Marketing Support for IT Companies.



Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions we have answer

Answers for our most popular questions about Sports-Gamefi, Crypto, and Sportofi

The Predict-To-Earn Sportofi is going to dive into the platform of delivering the potential of advanced blockchain technology for the sports Gamefi industry. It is going to serve as a dedicated platform wherein sports-lovers, and ardent gamblers can look forward to betting the top-rated sports games.

There has been an exceptional rise in the number of Gamefi sites accepting crypto, and the new crypto-only Gamefi sites. Crypto Gamefi is here and will grow at a very large scale. In the past 5 years, we have seen an ever-increasing overlap between players and cryptocurrency users, with both 18–34-year-old males falling into their key demographics. A decentralized blockchain-based Predict-to-Earn protocol offers a myriad of advantages over traditional bookmakers: better depth of liquidity, more markets, more equitable ownership, permissionless and censorship resistance.

Signing up is as easy as connecting your wallet! We don’t require any sensitive personal information or details. All you have to do is connect to the exchange using your MetaMask (or similar crypto) wallet. Follow a few simple prompts, and immediately have full access to everything Sportofi has to offer. Go from signup to earning in only a few minutes!

The Binance blockchain is the centrepiece of the Sportofi platform but the project can evolve to meet the demands of any upcoming chain that has demand for it.

You can reach us on Telegram, Twitter, Telegram, Linkedin, Website or via email

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